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    When are the ticket offices at Balaidos open?

    Ticket offices are open regularly from 10am to 2pm and from 5pm to 8pm, Monday to Friday. On game days we open from 10am to the time of the match.

    Where can I buy tickets?

    Whether you are season-ticket holder or not, you can go to the ticket offices at Balaidos to buy tickets, or to our website (on this platform, tickets are for adults only).

    When do tickets go on sale for each match?

    Normally they go on sale during the week of the match at our ticket offices and on our website some matches tickets go on sale earlier to facilitate the purchase. We always announce when tickets for each match go on sale on our website and social networks.

    If I buy my ticket online do I have to present my ID card at the entrance?

    Yes, tickets are nominal due to LaLiga rules.

    Once I have purchased my tickets, ¿where do I print them?

    Once completing the purchase online, you will receive an email with a PDF document attached. Such PDF is your ticket or tickets. To access the stadium, you must take a printed version of the PDF with you.



    How and when can I withdraw the supplement?

    These go on sale several days prior to the match and can be withdrawn until matchday from the ticket offices at Balaidos Stadium.

    Is the price of the supplements the same as a general public ticket?

    No. Supplements are less expensive than tickets, ranging from 5 to 20€.



    Can I become a season-ticket holder at any time?

    No. Throughout the year we open two time windows for new and renewed season-tickets: from June to September and from December to January. Outside those time frames if you are not a season ticket holder, you must purchase tickets for each match to access the stadium.

    Can I lend my season-tickets?

    Your season-ticket card is personal and non-transferable, property of the club, so if it is not in possession of its owner, it may be confiscated at the entrance, and the club holds the right to return it or not to its owner.

    When can I change seats?

    We open a one-week time period in the month of September once season-ticket holders from the previous season do not renew their season-ticket cards. Here you may choose the seats of choice from those available. The exact date depends on LaLiga schedule, so it is not the same every year. In February another time window is opened to change seats. The club announces these periods to change seats in advance through its website and social networks.

    What happens if I lose my season-tickets card?

    You can go to the ticket offices and make a duplicate, cancelling the previous card. On matchdays duplicates are performed until 3 hours before the match starts. If not, you may purchase a ticket of your stand and the following week we will refund the amount paid for such ticket. The first duplicate is free of charge, the following will be charged.



    What is a historic season-ticket holder?

    In order to be historic season-ticket holder you must have an uninterrupted antiquity of more than 25 years in the club, becoming this way a Silver member. After 35 years, you become Gold member. By surpassing 50 years you become a distinguished Platinum member.

    Does being a historic season-ticket holder imply any benefits?

    Yes. You dispose of 5 to 10 invitations throughout the season. Silver has 5, Gold 8, and platinum 10.

    How can I make use of those invitations?

    You can withdraw up to 2 invitations per match, not including club days. You must request them during the week of the match, but never on the same day of the match.

    Can anybody withdraw invitations belonging to historic season-ticket holders?

    No, only the owner or an authorized person previously registered by the club.



    Is it possible to have a guided tour of Balaidos Stadium?

    Currently, due to the construction work and makeover the stadium is undergoing, it is not possible to visit the stadium. If it becomes possible, we will inform you through our website and social networks.